What if the aliens visited earth and they were friendly?

trapist1That would be fantastic! We should have so many question for them, like how did they manage to cross light years just to get here? Going at the fastest speed ever achieved, it would still take us about 1,500 years one way to reach the Trappist-1 system 40 light years away. Many people have no concept of the impossible vastness of space. It is more than likely they would be coming from a more distant planet, perhaps thousands of light years away, something that would take a lot of lifetimes to traverse. Did they travel on a multi-generational ship, maintaining a whole civilization on board, or did they go to sleep in some kind of suspended animation? How are they going to get back or send word to their people that we are here, since radio signals might take thousands of years to get back to their home planet.

Author: Wayne Boyd

Wayne Edward Boyd was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1953. He is a published author, former ISKCON sannyasi, and traveler, having lived on 3 continents and visited 37 countries. He presently lives in Amarillo, Texas working as a correctional officer and has interests in photography, political science and astronomy.

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