Is a telescope an okay birthday gift for an 11-year-old boy?

I have a 4 year old grandson soon to be 5. My wife bought him a small pair of binoculars. At first when he looked through them he couldn’t see anything, but he kept trying and all of a sudden he said, “Woa! Everything’s big!”

Then he wanted to look at everything inside and outside the house through the binoculars.

I don’t think they’ll last long though, because he won’t take them off and I’m pretty sure he’s going to accidently break them because this is the coolest gift for him! He can’t take them off! And of course he can’t stop running around and playing either. It’s inevitable they’ll break.

We think, however, it’s the best gift we could have given him!

For a telescope, though, I’d recommend a little older kid. Eleven sounds a great age. Once someone can spot Saturn’s rings in a telescope for the first time, they will be hooked.

That being said, I know some people who couldn’t give a care in the world about that irrelevant eclipse that recently took place in North America. They don’t need a telescope.

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