Freedom of Thought

Growing up with my parents in New Jersey taught me one important lesson. Freedom of thought: the ability to think for yourself, to not automatically accept what you hear, but to question everything until you reach the truth. I listen to the same news as everyone else in the Texas Panhandle (where I live), but... Continue Reading →

How important is relativity when applying it to faster than light travel?

How important is relativity when applying it to fast than light travel? Your question should be reversed. The correct question is: How important is the speed of light when applying it to relativity? You see according to relativity as you approach the speed of light time changes, but you can’t exceed the speed of light.... Continue Reading →

Where can I find Ubuntu 14.04 original source code?

Where can you find the Ubuntu original source code? Umm…. Linux isn’t quite like that. Linux is a kernel written by and maintained by Linus Travalds. On top of that is what we call GNU (a collection of thousands of Linux-compatible programs), which work with the kernel to make the software we commonly call “Linux/Gnu”... Continue Reading →

What will happen after 10,000,000,000,000,000 years, i.e. what will the fate of humans, the earth, technology, and everything else, be?

Well, Lee Ballentine answered this very nicely. We don’t even know if the universe will still exist in 10 quadrillion years. As far as we know, the universe is between 12 and 14 billion years old. You can fit ten million billions in 10 quadrillion. So 10,000,000,000,000,000 years from now is thousands of billions of... Continue Reading →

The Storm

This is a fantastic poem. Short but full of emotion, action, foreboding and happy ending!

Musings Plus

When thunder rolls across the plains
It can send shivers through your veins
Excitement fills your ev’ry thought
Heavenly battles to be fought

Lightning flashes from cloud to ground
Fills the air with a frightful sound
Animals scurry for cover
Waiting while the storm does hover

A sudden burst of rain pours down
Flooding the streets of the small town
Quickly it comes and goes away
Out again comes the sun to stay!

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