Las Vegas Shooter Videos: Shooter on 10th Floor as well?

I came across some videos on YouTube thinking they were just another hoax. However, they do indeed appear to show a shooter around the 10th floor, not the 32nd floor, taken by different people at different angles. Muzzle blasts can clearly coming from a different part of the hotel. A friend on Quora suggested it might be a reflection off the sign near the window in question, however is it? Was there a second shooter?

There are a lot of similar videos and they do have what looks like contradictory evidence clearly shown.

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  1. I no longer believe there was a shooter on the 10th floor. No windows were shot out on the 10th floor and if you can’t shoot through windows without breaking them then there was no shooter. So how come we see videos of muzzle blasts on the 10th floor? Well, there’s a big sign in front of the motel. It seems the best overall explanation is a reflection of the muzzle blasts off the hotel windows coming from reflections off the sign.

    Again, no windows were broken out on any lower floors. You can’t explain that if you believe in the 10th floor shooter conspiracy.


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