Extraterrestrial life is always talked about as being way more advanced than us, but what are the possibilities that they are not as advanced as us? Maybe that’s the reason we haven’t heard from them yet. Maybe they are still in the stone age.

Somewhere in this vast universe, billions of light years from here, there may or may not be intelligent life. Not always is it “talked about” as being more advance than us. I’m sure somewhere it is. We’ll never know for sure, however. The speed of light has a rather pokey speed when it comes to... Continue Reading →

This website says the truth about the planet Nibiru, and is this website about Nibiru trustworthy?

First you declare the website says the truth about the planet Nibiru. Second you ask if the website is trustworthy. This is an Internet hoax that has been around for many years. Every year it is revised to say that finally, now, this mysterious planet is going to appear from behind the sun and wreak... Continue Reading →

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