Could space colonization become the main ideology of humanity?

When we completely destroy our planet’s environment then and only then space conization would become our “main ideology.”

Sadly, however, even space colonization leads to the same question – will we destroy the next planet just like this one?

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  1. Unfortunately, the first question is “Why?”

    Of course the answers seem obvious and abundant; human adventure, our manifest destiny and rising to JFK’s challenge, and all that, but is there really one single logical reason to set out to colonize space? If we had our eyes on a verdant paradise, reachable with our craft, just waiting for us to make it our new home, of course the answer would be a resounding “Yes.” But or course no such world currently exists, analogous to the “New World” of the Americas, beckoning to the Europeans to conquer, occupy and inhabit.

    As it stands, any world on which we could now theoretically build a colony would be terribly difficult to build and maintain, and would ultimately be unsustainable with our current and foreseeable technology. Sounds negative, but reality doesn’t account for our feelings.

    We occupy perhaps 4% of this planet at best, and every square of meter of it is a garden spot, compared to our current best alternative, which is any spot you choose on Mars.
    Think about that. We haven’t even begun to spoil the apple we have, by taking barely a nibble from it, and we already want to trade it for an onion.

    Is this just Luddite negativity, or is it pure logic?

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    1. You have hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your detailed comment.
      Sometimes we talk about “survival of the human race” and ultimately we know one way or another Earth will get to a point where no life can be sustained. Scientists estimate that, long before the sun becomes a red giant, life will be extinct on Earth. This is because as the sun gets older it gets hotter, and some say that in a billion years all the oceans will have dried up.
      Whether it will happen in a billion years or not, for humans to survive indefinitely they have to not only leave Earth, but leave the solar system, and so we dream of interstellar flight, shooting around the galaxy at faster than light speed.
      Except that is never going to happen. No technology will be able to break the speed limit and other solar systems are a long, long way off, even in our local group.
      Sadly, pessimistically I admit, I don’t see human race surviving forever.


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