Lewis Little’s Elementary Wave Theory

"What a scientist tries to do essentially is to select a certain domain, a certain aspect, or a certain detail, and see if that takes its appropriate place in a general scheme which has form and coherence; and, if not, to seek further information which would help him to do that." -S Chandrasekhar

The Funny Thing about Solar Eclipses

I took time off and traveled to Missouri with my wife and dog Brandi to witness the Great Eclipse of 2017, which we also watched with my stepson Chris. I've posted pictures of this event. Here are some more. What you might not know is the difference between a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and apocalypse.... Continue Reading →


Rationalthinking101.com is my blog and whenever I post to it, like now, it's setup to share my post both on Twitter and Facebook. Since I live in Texas, I'm in the Trump Bible Belt. I've got friends here and I work for the state, but in a recent survey I discovered most of my Texan... Continue Reading →

Wow, we’re old — 48 States?

Listening to my Amazon Echo's Alexa, my wife and I realized that when both of us were born there were 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii became states during our lifetimes. If Puerto Rico ever became a state, it would make the 3rd state to join the U.S. in our lifetimes.

Why should I upgrade my phone?

I really like my aging phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy S6, flat screen, black. It's the perfect size for my needs and does all that I need. It even has Google Assistant. Photos and videos are okay. Even does slow, fast and reverse videos! If I were to buy a new one I'd go with... Continue Reading →

A second Korean War is a real possibility

A friend on WordPress posted this blog.

American / Unionist

By Aristophanes

There’s been a shift in tone from the U.S. Department of Defense, and it has some in Congress downright spooked.

“It’s time to take Trump seriously as he keeps hinting, over and over, that he wants to go to war with North Korea,” tweeted Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut. “Many of us have begun to hear whispers of more serious war talk in and near the White House. ‘Calm before the storm’ comment sent chills. Timing of Corker’s comments, referencing possibility of World War III, might not be accidental.”

In a conversation with Vox’s Ezra Klein, Murphy further explains his trepidation. It’s a chilling dialogue.

Murphy’s statements are terrifying when one considers the temperament of the…

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