Why should I upgrade my phone?

I really like my aging phone.

It’s a Samsung Galaxy S6, flat screen, black.

It’s the perfect size for my needs and does all that I need. It even has Google Assistant. Photos and videos are okay. Even does slow, fast and reverse videos!

If I were to buy a new one I’d go with the LG V30, probably, because of the video editing software included. I won’t buy another Samsung for 2 reasons: No headphone jack (even though I use Bluetooth earpieces) and Samsung removed the IR port which I still use occasionally with my S6.

The LG V30 has a headphone jack. No IR port. It’s better than the Samsung Galaxy S8 but not as good as the phone I still have!

Again, if the phone I still have has more than the upgrade, why should I switch? What’s the motivation? Are you going to motivate me by disabling the device? Is that you best strategy?

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