Why my Father was Agnostic

In a recent non-scientific pole at least half of my Facebook friends who responded said they believe the earth is 4,000 years old, not 4.5 billion years old. My father could not accept Earth was only 4,000 years old, so he "doubted" God. He described himself as agnostic, which he defined as "someone who wants... Continue Reading →

A different way to look at it

The other day I was barreling down the highway at almost 1/10 the speed of sound! Mach 0.0977493 to be precise. Would you believe I was actually going over 33 and 1/2 meters per second! That's 120 km per hour! Alas, I was going 75 mph, the speed limit around here.

December 2017 Supermoon

You may not be able to tell the difference between a supermoon and a regular full moon, but it will be larger and brighter than usual as the moon moves closer to Earth over the course of its elliptical orbit. Happens December 3rd, 2017.

How big will the impact of nanotechnology be in my life in the next 20 years?

You asked: "How big will the impact of nanotechnology be in my life in the next 20 years?" Great question and the answer depends on whether you’ll get sick and need nanotechnology. Twenty years is not long. I’ve lived twenty years 4 times over. Each time the situation is basically the same. You are born,... Continue Reading →

Is there any real proof aliens exist?

None, as of yet. We suspect microbiology may exist on one of the moons in our solar system and that would be alien life. As for intelligent, comprehending, space-faring beings, well, we don’t even have proof of alien microbes yet, so no. Conversely, there is no proof aliens don’t exist either!

How will Nibiru destroy us in November?

About 3 years ago it was circulating on YouTube that a planet called “Nibiru” was going to destroy Earth in March. I made a $20 bet with a man that it would never happen. It never happened. I won the bet. He never paid up. Nibiru is an Internet hoax. I’ll bet you $20 we’ll... Continue Reading →

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