Is America hiding aliens in Area 51? Why are they keeping it a secret?

First of all you ask “Is America hiding aliens in Area 51?” No matter how I answer that question, let’s say I say “no” then you ask “Why are they keeping it a secret?” Well, if I said no to the first question the second question is absurd.

Before even asking the first question, however, I’d have to ask who do you mean by “America?” Does that mean Donald Trump? Former president Obama? Congress? Who exactly do you mean when you say “America” who is keeping this all secret from us? Does that mean you? Are you America? Who is America?

Finally, I’d like to point out that stars and planets are dozens, hundreds, thousands and even millions and billions of light years away. No one can travel that distance, aliens be damned.

How far off are we from being able to transfer a human consciousness to a machine? Will Quantum computing help us get there? Is this the next evolution of our species?

“How far off are we from being able to transfer a human consciousness to a machine?”

This is going to be an unpopular but true answer to your question.

We are just on the precipice of knowing that this will never happen and that it’s been science fiction all along, Johnny Depp be damned!

I know that this will not be the answer you seek, but to be perfectly honest, we don’t even know what consciousness is, what to speak of digitizing it and then copying it and then transferring it.

It makes for a great scifi story, but this type of thing will remain in the science fiction realm for the foreseeable future and most likely forever.

No, you will not achieve immortality in this way. Sorry.

Why did people believe that water was an element?

Why did people believe that water was an element? Some cultures, like in Hinduism, still believe there are five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

It really depends on definition. We assume the word “element” has a specific definition that is universal in the English language, when that is not the nature of English. English evolves differently in the different areas of the world where it is spoken. Thus the letter we pronounce “zee” (Z) in America is pronounced “zed” everywhere else in the world that they speak English. Aluminum in the States is Aluminium in England. A gallon of milk in America is not the same size as an Imperial Gallon of milk in the U.K. In India if you say, “I am liking you too much,” it is a compliment. In the United States it would seem like an insult.

In the Hindustani version of English, an element is a state of matter. Thus you have solid, liquid, fire, gas and the mythical ether they say space is made of.

So I believe the answer to your question is it’s a question of regional definitions of the word.

If Mars is uninhabitable, why try to inhabit it?

Good question. With mountains the answer is “because it’s there.” That being said, a lot of people have successfully climbed Mount Everest. Some have died, too. But nobody wants to set up camp and live on the peak, even though the top of Mount Everest is far more hospitable than Mars.

It makes sense to walk on Mars if you buy the argument, “Because it’s there.”

Trying to live there permanently would be suicide.

Mars outpost near mesa
This image suggests how such a martian “motor home” might be realized. Providing transportation and housing for a crew of two to four human explorers, this pressurized rover would offer stability, visibility, storage, and a means for generating power for locomotion and electrical systems. A pair of wing-like solar arrays atop the rover help to meet some of the energy needs, and the transparent windshield ports have been coated to shield the interior from ultraviolet light and provide additional visual contrast to Mars’ rust-colored landscape.

Are UFO’s Real?

I would and have many times said no. At least if they were real they weren’t coming from outer space.

I might have been wrong.

I’m just scratching my head here reading stories like this one:

A bizarre effort to find UFOs involved Harry Reid and the lead singer of Blink-182

Now I’m not sure.

It makes no scientific sense whatsoever that beings could travel light years across space to visit us. However, as the article above does say, “Reid in 2009 in a letter to a deputy defense secretary said ‘much progress’ had been made ‘with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings.’ And a 2009 Pentagon briefing of the program asserted that -what was considered science fiction is now science fact.’”

Are pieces of these mysterious craft stored somewhere? The New York Times reported, according to this article, “…Bigelow Aerospace modified Las Vegas buildings for metal alloys and other materials gathered from ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ to be stored.”

What exactly does that imply? It seems to be saying the metal alloys and other materials from UFOs have been found and collected and they’re nothing like we know so far.

So you tell me! Weird, huh.

If only two objects existed in the universe, would gravity pull them together eventually no matter how distant they are from one another given an infinite span of time to do so?

We’d really like to hope so. Unfortunately, when we look outward, we see whole galaxies accelerating away from us and not falling back in, so it appears that acceleration of the universe supersedes implosion. This means that dark energy trumps gravity! Still a head scratcher!

Gun Control and Marijuana

My friends in Texas, where I live, believe that Gun Control laws impede the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“If you have gun control,” they say, “the criminals will get guns anyway, so the law does no good.”

However, they DO believe in laws against Marijuana, even though if you have laws against Marijuana people will get Marijuana anyway. Even in Texas.

If you don’t want gun control laws you should not have marijuana control laws. If you want marijuana control laws you have to have gun control laws. You can’t have it both ways.