Are UFO’s Real?

I would and have many times said no. At least if they were real they weren’t coming from outer space.

I might have been wrong.

I’m just scratching my head here reading stories like this one:

A bizarre effort to find UFOs involved Harry Reid and the lead singer of Blink-182

Now I’m not sure.

It makes no scientific sense whatsoever that beings could travel light years across space to visit us. However, as the article above does say, “Reid in 2009 in a letter to a deputy defense secretary said ‘much progress’ had been made ‘with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings.’ And a 2009 Pentagon briefing of the program asserted that -what was considered science fiction is now science fact.’”

Are pieces of these mysterious craft stored somewhere? The New York Times reported, according to this article, “…Bigelow Aerospace modified Las Vegas buildings for metal alloys and other materials gathered from ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ to be stored.”

What exactly does that imply? It seems to be saying the metal alloys and other materials from UFOs have been found and collected and they’re nothing like we know so far.

So you tell me! Weird, huh.

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