If Mars is uninhabitable, why try to inhabit it?

Good question. With mountains the answer is “because it’s there.” That being said, a lot of people have successfully climbed Mount Everest. Some have died, too. But nobody wants to set up camp and live on the peak, even though the top of Mount Everest is far more hospitable than Mars.

It makes sense to walk on Mars if you buy the argument, “Because it’s there.”

Trying to live there permanently would be suicide.

Mars outpost near mesa
This image suggests how such a martian “motor home” might be realized. Providing transportation and housing for a crew of two to four human explorers, this pressurized rover would offer stability, visibility, storage, and a means for generating power for locomotion and electrical systems. A pair of wing-like solar arrays atop the rover help to meet some of the energy needs, and the transparent windshield ports have been coated to shield the interior from ultraviolet light and provide additional visual contrast to Mars’ rust-colored landscape.

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