If two ships are travelling side be side at some major fraction of the speed of light (e.g. 90%) and are, say, 100 yards apart, would they be able to see each other out the portholes?

Great question, and you see, that’s what we mean when we say everything is relative. Your “speed” is always relative to something else. If you don’t compare it to something else, you might as well be standing still. Relative to you, the other spaceship is standing still. You are both just floating there while Earth quickly moves... Continue Reading →

Lose weight with less gravity!

You weigh less on the Equator than at the South Pole. I saw a show once about a science researcher that traveled the globe with a small scale and an ordinary garden gnome, you know, like the one on Travelocity TV commercials. At one point he weighed the gnome at the south pole and it weighed 309.82... Continue Reading →

If the moons of Jupiter and Saturn become habitable when the Sun is a red giant, will we be able to get every human off the Earth through multiple trips (over centuries)? How will the last flight work?

Sadly billions of people would die and not be able to find a way off the planet should the sun become a red giant, even in the future. Not to worry, though! All life on Earth will cease long before the sun becomes a red giant. As the sun ages it gets hotter and hotter. We estimate... Continue Reading →

How did such an immense amount of water actually came to the Earth during its formation period?

There is not an “immense amount of water” on Earth. To we specks walking like ants on the surface of the planet it looks to be a lot of water, but it really isn’t. To illustrate this I like to show the image below which shows the total water of all the oceans, lakes and rivers on... Continue Reading →

Has there ever been, or will there ever be, a time when the earth was/will be void of all evil, rogue, repressive (use your own adjective) regimes?

Will Earth ever be rid of bad guys? Yes, because in the future there will be no life on Earth at all. When all else fails, the sun will grow so hot as it ages the oceans and fresh water will dry up. Vegetation and all other lifeforms will cease to exist. Then the sun... Continue Reading →

With over 20,000 satellites in the Earth’s orbit, why is there no real satellite imagery of the North and South Pole, or even the earth at all?

Is there any satellite imagery of Earth's poles or even Earth at all? Of course there is imagery of the poles and the earth as a whole. You must know that. No, the earth is not flat. But it matters not because no matter what I tell you or show you, you will still go... Continue Reading →

Your mind will be BLOWN #2!

In the PREVIOUS SCREEN you selected a card from a group of cards. Now your card HAS BEEN REMOVED! This is AMAZING. It works because your COMPUTER MONITOR actually DETECTS which card you picked and sends that information back to this website, whereby our website REMOVES the card! Do you want to try this again?... Continue Reading →

Magic Card trick attempt #2

In the first example, you saw how a card was magically removed from a group of cards. Let's try that again. Here is another group of cards. Mentally pick one card but DO NOT CLICK on the card. Clicking does NO good. Just carefully memorize the card you have chosen! Say the name of the... Continue Reading →

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