As space expands, the galaxies get farther away from each other, but do not get bigger themselves, right? What is the difference between “space expanding” and the galaxies of the universe merely moving away from each other?

Everything is getting further apart, not just galaxies. Stars inside galaxies are moving apart, even the molecules inside you are gradually moving apart. Now you won’t see this happening on a small scale. It’s impossible to detect. However on the macro scale, the big picture, we can see the universe is expanding. If it continues... Continue Reading →

What’s your favorite Linux Distribution?

Make a comment below and participate in the discussion! Which is your favorite distribution of Linux, and why? Ubuntu? Linux Mint? SolydXK? Arch? Antergos? Manjaro? Gentoo? Slackware? Calculate Linux? Puppy Linux? The names are obviously far too many to mention. For the record, at present, I am using Manjaro KDE Plasma and exploring other distros... Continue Reading →

KDE Activities vs Virtual Desktops vs Both

A long, long time ago, KDE was a simple, great desktop environment for use on Linux, but they started going off in weird directions that I couldn't understand so I gravitated toward Linux Mint Mate, then Gnome, and then Xfce. Now I'm back. The problem I was having, even recently, was understanding what KDE's Activities... Continue Reading →

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