What’s your favorite Linux Distribution?

Make a comment below and participate in the discussion! Which is your favorite distribution of Linux, and why?

Ubuntu? Linux Mint? SolydXK? Arch? Antergos? Manjaro? Gentoo? Slackware? Calculate Linux? Puppy Linux? The names are obviously far too many to mention.

For the record, at present, I am using Manjaro KDE Plasma and exploring other distros in Oracle’s Virtual Box. I’m experimenting with Solus-Gnome.

5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Linux Distribution?

Add yours

    1. Ohhhhh, I ran Linux Mint for years. In fact, I even ran my whole trucking company with Linux Mint and LibreOffice spreadsheet.

      Mint is solid, dependable. Love it. But I explore more these days. I wrote above that I was running Manjaro KDE Plasma, but I’ve since switched to Kubuntu, which I’ve modified to keep me up with the very latest version of KDE.

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  1. I’m currently a Linux Lite fanboy! With qualifications, however… I don’t think I would use any Ubuntu-based distribution without some kind of safeguard against the dangerous, beta-quality updates they send to their users and “downstream.” Only Linux Mint has addressed that update issue adequately with it’s wonderful Mint Updater. But it is available for Linux Lite users as well (my blog describes how).

    I also really like SalixOS. Slackware-based but simple enough for even a technophobic boy like me to install and configure in only minutes.

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