Another year of RationalThinking101

I got the notification from WordPress. Time to renew my 1 year subscription for hosting on WordPress. It’s $38.

After contemplating whether I should keep the darn site up and running, I realized although the readership is not ginormous, it is satisfying, and I just like talking about stuff. Mostly that stuff is about science-type thingies. Occasionally, I write about miscellaneous stuff. Mostly, however, it’s just stuff.

That being said, I decided, “What the heck, eh?” (I used to live in Canada, therefore the “eh”.) I forked over the dough and renewed the subscription.

After all, over the years, I’ve owned and administered dozens of websites, some now non-existent, some still existing, some still existing under new administration. These includes domains like,,, (no longer own it), and now is the only active site that I participate in that I administrate. You can, of course, find me on Twitter, Facebook and Quora a lot, but as for my own site, this is the one.

Get ready for another year of… well whatever it is that I do here!

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