openSUSE Tumbleweed

Latest Linux

  • The latest Linux OS that I’m using these days is now openSUSE Tumbleweed.
  • Tumbleweed is a rolling distribution but has some stability at the same time. I prefer rolling distros.
  • openSUSE is a very large Linux distro with two flavors: Tumbleweed and Leap.


  • I downloaded the tumbleweed 64bit version from
  • My computer won’t allow booting from a USB stick as newer motherboards do, so I had to burn the downloaded .ISO file onto a DVD and boot.
  • Since I have 3 hard drives, a 400 G and 2 terabytes drives, I always select expert install and manually partition as I like:
        1. a) My 400 G drive is for Swap and /Boot
          b) My first terabyte drive is for the “/” partition
          c) My second terabyte drive is for “/home”
          d) I have a lot of unused wasted space on my drives.

After Installation

  • The first thing I do after a Linux installation is copy my pictures and documents (which I stored on a separate DVD) into my /home directory.
  • Next I create four virtual desktops and setup switching from left to right with ctrl-alt-(right)or(left)key
  • Next I install Google Chrome, which I do as follows:
sudo zypper ar Google-Chrome
sudo zypper ref
sudo rpm --import
sudo zypper in google-chrome-stable

I use Chrome because it has a “built-in” flash player which allows me to watch netflix and amazon videos.

    • Then I go and see what kind of updates I need to install and just go from there.
    • Change the pointer cursor. Search menu for “cursor theme”
    • Change plymouth splash screen:
    • Change grub2 boot image: click here. I use this image.


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