What Linux distribution is best for AI and Machine Learning Researchers?

What linux distribution is best for AI and Machine Learning Researchers? If we assume you are asking this academically and not for personal use, here’s some information you might find edifying.

Up till recently, Google was using Goobuntu, a Googlized version of Ubuntu Linux, on all their in-house super powerful mainframe AI computers.

Now, however, Google has dropped their platform built on Ubuntu and switched to a Debian derivative called gLinux, effectively cutting out the middle man.

IBM’s Watson, the huge AI supercomputer, uses SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Microsoft is said to be developing their own Linux-based operating system for their in-house computers which makes up their Cortana as well as the websites where MS sells Windows (ironic).

So when you talk to Google Assistant on your Android phone, talk to Cortana on your Windows device, or wonder how Watson won a round at Jeopardy on TV, know it’s all based on Linux. Each one uses a different version of Linux.

As for big mainframe file servers, the obvious choice for mainframe programmers would be the Btrfs file system.

By the way all of the top 100 mainframe computers in the world now use Linux.

The particular version is up to the administrators. No one version tops the other.

Below are images of IBM Watson playing Jeopardy on TV (left) and the actual Watson Mainframe running Linux on the right. Click to enlarge.

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