Let’s say I don’t believe the world is round. How can one prove the world is round to me?

Noel Davidson

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about the Flat Earth Society is their rigidity.

You could bring up several problems with the Flat Earth Theory, but as if by magic, they have an explanation at the ready. Big thanks to their website for having all these incredible discoveries all in once covinient place.

The numerous scientists that have been into space. That has to disprove it, right?

Nope. Both the US and USSR were driven mad with winning the Space Race to the point that they faked certain achievements. Now concealing the existence of the Earth’s true nature is only in the interest of money. How? They’re “using only some of their funding to continue fake space travel”. That leaves big bucks for Elon to pretend to build a hyperloop. Come on, you didn’t really believe that was going to be a thing too, did you?

Well there’s no way the Earth can be flat if the sun and moon rises and sets everyday!

Come on, everyone knows it’s all a matter of perspective. The sun acts as something of a spotlight, affecting only a portion of the Earth at a time.

Alright, well the people who literally sailed around the world has to mean something, right? Please?

Too easy. Obviously, the huge ice wall around the edge of the Earth (AKA Antarctica) that holds the oceans in has allowed explorers to sail in one big circle around the North Pole. The great ice wall, and This is an actual quote from the website, protects us from “whatever lies beyond”. I really couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Okay, the Earth can’t be flat, because if it was, gravity would’ve consolidated it into a sphere. Incorrigible.

The response to this is so stupid, so mind-numbingly painful, based on seemingly nothing, but yet it exists. What they teach you about gravity in school? Yeah, it turns out it’s actually way weaker than you’d think. But if that’s not enough, the Earth is constantly being pushed up and at a rate of 32 feet per second squared, so you don’t float away in your sleep. We have the universal accelerator to thank for that. You know, the aetheric wind? Dark energy?

So you see, there’s no conceivable argument I could make to convince you, a Flat Earther, that the Earth is round. We can all but wait until they all get on a space shuttle to observe the obviously round earth, and entertain ourselves with their explanation then. Until that time comes around, just keep using the words perspective and image manipulation until the sheeple go away.

Marvel at the sheer idiocy for yourself here: Frequently Asked Question

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