What is the fastest way to destroy a smartphone?

To effectively destroy a cell phone, try the following. Put it in the microwave. Put it in a blender. Throw it in a raging fire. Go to an empty parking lot and throw it as high as you can into the air. Hit it with a sledge hammer. Glue it to a board and run a skill saw through the middle of it. Tape it to an active train track and watch the train roll over it. Throw it in a wood chipper. Duct tape it to a dead tree branch and use a chain saw to cut it in half. Shoot it with a gun. Toss it into a pot of boiling hot cooking oil. Put in on a piece of aluminum foil, place it in the oven, set the oven to broil and come back later. Last, but not least, give it to a 3 year old.


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