Is it possible for a planet, such as Mars, to develop a liveable atmosphere on its own? What would it take?

It’s too late for that. Mars maybe did have a “livable” or as you might say “Earth-like” atmosphere one time, long ago. That time is past. It would never again happen without human assistance. It’s why we still search to see if any microbes or life of any kind ever existed there. So far, nothing.

Amazon Echo “Alexa” bloopers

My wife and I own one of these critters, called the Amazon Echo. It's been a great addition to our household. We have, for example, much more music in our home than ever before. However, Alexa, as you address her, is far from perfect. Here's some Echo "Alexa" bloopers! Try it at home if you... Continue Reading →

If a hole is made right through Earth so it reaches the other side, what will happen when one jumps into it?

I rather liked the idea of lava spewing out of the hole, but I’m just going to take the question on merit and assume you really could drill a hole through the earth and jumped inside. Would you pop up the other side? (Assuming, of course, the other side wasn't under the ocean! Ooops.) No.... Continue Reading →

We know gravity keeps the Moon in orbit. Why is there no gravity on the ISS?

This is an image of Newton’s Cannon. Given a high enough elevation, shooting a canon-ball at a high enough velocity will cause it to travel further and further until it just goes into orbit, falling around the earth. That is what’s happening inside the ISS. It’s called free-fall - the same as Newton’s canon-ball. The ISS is... Continue Reading →

Would you say it’s a miracle that earth developed in just the right way in order for us to exist? Or Is it even more miraculous that humans could adapt and become the masters of this planet?

If not miraculous, then pretty darn incredibly fortunate for us. So far, as we study our planet and the places we either visit directly or send our robots to, we haven’t found any other place with life on it. Finding life on another planet would be great. It would prove it wasn’t a “miracle” for... Continue Reading →

If you placed a 100 kg steel ball on the surface of Jupiter, how deep would it descend until it vaporizes?

Let’s turn this around and look at the one place on Earth we know has more pressure than anywhere else: Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. It’s almost 7 miles down. If you drop a 100 kg steel ball down into the ocean there, that ball will not vaporize. It might, however,... Continue Reading →

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