Amazon Echo “Alexa” bloopers

My wife and I own one of these critters, called the Amazon Echo.

It’s been a great addition to our household. We have, for example, much more music in our home than ever before.amazonecho

However, Alexa, as you address her, is far from perfect. Here’s some Echo “Alexa” bloopers! Try it at home if you don’t believe me!

Q: “Alexa, is a frog a toad?” A: “No, a frog is not a toad.” Q: “Alexa, is a toad a frog?” A: “No, a toad is not a frog.” Q: “Alexa, what is a toad?” A: “Toad is a common name for a frog…” Q: “Alexa, is a toad the same thing as a frog?” A: “I’m still learning how to answer frog questions.”

Q: “Alexa, are you smart?” A: “I try my best.” Q: “Alexa, I love you.” A: “That’s really nice, thanks.” Q: “Alexa, fuck you.” A: nothing.

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