Fedora: Banned?

I recently switched from Kubuntu Linux to Fedora KDE and have really been enjoying it. I tried to join the Fedora Forums today. Later I logged in to the forums to see what was going on and received this message: vBulletin Message You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date... Continue Reading →

How do you debunk the flat Earth argument, which states that in a spherical world water should fly off at the equator due to the spin of the Earth (over 1,000 MPH)?

That Earth sure is spinning quickly, isn’t it? Once around every 24 hours! Wow. Can you imagine being out in space and looking down, waiting to see things fly off into space from the equator? The problem is, when you’re out there in space looking down, the planet is rotating so slowly you can’t see it move.... Continue Reading →

Do you believe that there is life beyond our Earth? Do you think we will encounter it in this lifetime?

You have two questions. Do I believe there is life beyond Earth. Yes. Do I think we will encounter it within “this” lifetime. Who are you talking about, me or you? I’m 64 years old. Not within my lifetime, anyway. Maybe within yours, but I doubt it. It is more likely a few hundred years... Continue Reading →


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