Is it possible that the universe isn’t expanding and galaxies are moving away from each other at an ever increasing speed because of pressure differentials between where there’s mass and where there isn’t and as they stray further gravity weakens?

Wow. Imaginative question, and the stark answer is… “no.” Although there is stuff in space, it’s so sparse that it’s a vacuum. There’s no “pressure differentials” in the vacuum of space. We can’t actually “see” stuff moving apart in the universe, but we perceive it by the shifting of light, indicating to us that stuff... Continue Reading →

Why can I see the Moon stand still in the sky if it orbits the Earth at a speed of 2,288 miles per hour?

You think that’s fast? Think again. At it’s orbital distance, as you know by watching the moon itself, it takes about 28 days to orbit the earth. Very roughly speaking, the moon rises about an hour later each day. That’s why you can still see it. But you don’t believe this answer because you think... Continue Reading →

Do all human beings have the same mind/psyche?

Yes. That’s why I asked that question. Well, of course not! We are all different - unique beings. Minute differences in genetic makeup from birth, ancestry, gender, upbringing, chemical makeup of the brain, experiences and consciousness make us all have different minds and psyche.

Is there any habitable exoplanet close to Earth?

Nope. Not-a-one. Of course, you didn’t say what “close to Earth” means, but even without that, we don’t know of any habitable exoplanets anywhere. We only know of exoplanets that might resemble the approximate size of our planet and within what we envision as the “Goldilocks” zone around a star. Of those, the nearest system seems to be... Continue Reading →

How far away are we from mining asteroids?

Great question. NASA does plan to go to an asteroid, grab a big bolder, and put it in orbit around the moon. After that they want to send astronauts there to explore it and bring back samples to Earth. As far as actually doing commercial mining on one of these things is pretty far off... Continue Reading →

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