How is htop better than top on Linux?

You gotta be kidding me. As a twenty-year veteran of Linux as my only OS, I had no idea about what htop and top were until you asked, and then I just did a simple Google search because I couldn’t stand being asked a question about Linux that I didn’t know the answer to. “Htop is a free (GPL)... Continue Reading →

If NASA says that we simply cannot go any further than low Earth orbit, which is 0-1,243 miles high above Earth, then how could we have led mankind to the Moon since it is about 228,841 miles away from the Earth?

Oh you flat earth people never give up. NASA doesn’t say nothing can go above low Earth orbit. We just launched a satellite that is now way above low Earth orbit. To orbit Earth there has to be very little atmospheric drag. Even at 250 miles, way higher than Mount Everest where the air is already very... Continue Reading →

Too Many Commas

This sentence, has too many commas, that I like to put in my sentences, so do many other people. We really need to learn that commas are not to be used for a pause, like we tend to do. For that we need a dash, because a comma is not required. These sentences, are not... Continue Reading →

We know our universe is 13 billion years old and contains over 2 trillion galaxies full of billions of stars each, so why is the idea of alien life still greeted with ridicule?

Not ridicule exactly, but needing proof of which we have none. To date, not even a fossil of a microbe of alien life has ever been found. We do not have any proof that life exists anywhere else other than Earth, although we really would like to have that proof and it’s likely that life... Continue Reading →

Musings Plus Dot Com

I once said to my wife That she's full of strife For that I was punched and my nose became bunched. I read this to her and she said it befer: "You've said that alot and away you did trot." As she bunched up a fist This line ends with "list" And I ducked to... Continue Reading →

Given the virtual infinity of the Universe (multiverse) can there be another identical planet with our Earth, with the same history, present and everything the same or a little different?

The possibilities that made Earth what it is are infinitely complex, and because of the infinity aspect, it’s highly unlikely, even with an infinite universe, that there would be an exact replica of Earth. In the world of infinity sometimes we really do have non-repeating patterns, like the decimal points in Pi. To have the... Continue Reading →

If the earth is rotating at a high speed and we jump up, why doesn’t the earth move below us at high speed?

Let me answer with some simple questions for you. If you are in a commercial airliner traveling at 500 miles per hour and you stand up in the aisle between seats and jump up in the air, why doesn’t the airplane move 500 mph under you and why don’t you crash toward the back of... Continue Reading →

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