Boonton High School and John Hill Elementary School in New Jersey

When I first went to the Boonton Kindergarten, my mother had to drag me the whole way. That was 1958. My mom dropped me off and after some time, I looked around, sneaked out and went home. I didn’t like school. I just wanted to play all the time.

Boonton, New Jersey, has a kindergarten school, an elementary school called John Hill and a high school called Boonton High with a sports team called The Boonton Bombers. I was a member of the bombers wrestling team (undefeated in my weight class). The football team is well known in those parts.

I never heard of “middle school.” We just called that Junior High and it was part of Boonton Elementary.

John Hill Elementary School in Boonton New Jersey. This building used to be Boonton High School.

Back in those days the John Hill elementary school was in what is now the old building part of Boonton High, and Boonton High was in what is now John Hill Elementary. Eventually, Boonton Elementary and Boonton High switched buildings and they expanded the old building of the new Boonton High to make – well – Boonton High School.

The old part of what is now Boonton High used to be John Hill Elementary School, and it’s where I had my very first tooth checkup. We had to line up and a dentist opened our mouths and stuck in a little mirror and said some encrypting stuff about each tooth to some secretary who wrote it all down and put it in our school record, and for the record, I never had a cavity in my life except a few years ago when one of my original wisdom teeth had to be removed here in Amarillo, Texas.

This is the old part of Boonton High School which used to be John Hill School (elementary). Attached and behind this building (just visible on the extreme right of the photo) is the addition where many classes are taught.

While I was still young and in elementary school, they moved us out of that building and into what is now John Hill School (pictured above). The old building where we came from became the new Boonton High, and they built a big extension to accommodate the needed space. The image on the left is the original building that used to be John Hill and is now Boonton High.

Now I’m writing all this from Amarillo, Texas.

I graduated from Boonton High in 1971 and did not attend my own graduation for reasons I don’t remember, but it was in protest of something or other. The Vietnam War days were the days of protests, you know. To date, to my great misfortune, I have never been to a high school reunion, although many of my former classmates are friends of mine on Facebook or Twitter.

Vietnam War Era

During the 1970’s we had a draft, or involuntary inscription into the U.S. military. I had a high draft number and did not have to go into the military, for which I was thankful at the time because the prospect of being shot at and killed was not very appealing.

That being said, I was a rebel in the opposite direction of my brothers. I didn’t want to compete with them, I wanted to be different from them.

Because my two older brothers became (as my father called it) radicalized – they became progressive democrats and one of them even became a communist for awhile – I decided to go a different route and thought of myself as a conservative anti-communist person who wrote an article about it in the school newspaper. In fact, I was a “conservative” for most of my life but eventually switched over to a progressive democrat who hates Donald Trump and loves Barak Obama. I now profess to be an active voting, gun-owning “Texan” (because I now live in Texas) who is anti-NRA and a registered member of the Democratic Party.

My dad built this house with the help of my two older brothers. It’s on Boyd Street in Boonton, NJ. Altogether, by hard labor alone, he built 5 homes including the one I grew up in. This is not the one I grew up in, but I did hammer some of the nails and smoothed the concrete in the basement.

I’m a long way from Boonton and my mother eventually sold the house. I’ve got nowhere to go there, sadly. I miss Boonton.

However, in Boonton our Boyd family has made a permanent mark. There’s a street called Boyd Street. My father built this house (pictured right) on Boyd Street.

He also built four other houses, three on Reservoir Drive and two on Boyd Street.

I did go to college but put no effort in it and dropped out quickly. I majored in physics and a minor in psychology. I married twice and have a fine son named Christopher.

I’ve probably told you too much about myself, but I also wanted to tell you about Boonton High and John Hill School. If any of this seems important to you then “like” this article below!

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