Computer Chairs are Junk

Mine died. What really happened was the metal ripped that supports the seat and connects it to the thing that connects it to the base with the wheels. (All this stuff has names, but I’m not going to bother to look it up.)

I could have replaced the part for less than replacing the chair itself, but I went with the more expensive replacement because I didn’t wanna be bothered and I like my new seat better than the old one.

If you look up these chairs, they are way overpricedAll of them are basically the same, with the same junk parts. There’s the base with the caster wheels. There’s an extender part that can be raised to adjust the seat height, there’s the seat and the back and the armrests. You may pay $60 or $250 (and get cheated) but the parts are all interchangeable and relatively cheaply made no matter what the “brand” name of the chair or it’s appearance.

Another cheat is this so-called “leather” chair. Most (99.99%) of furniture, including computer chairs, that are “leather” have, instead, sprayed on “leather.” It’s sprayed from a machine, and eventually will peal away in pieces. It’s not real leather. So why did you pay extra money for it?

I have a leather chair that I once paid $1000 for. It’s not leather that you stitch on. It’s sprayed on just like all the other cheap furniture. You pay extra because it says “leather” and I suppose the spray contains “leather” in some form, but real leather furniture has leather hide that is stitched on, not sprayed on.

Computer chairs are junk. Don’t over spend.

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