Given the virtual infinity of the Universe (multiverse) can there be another identical planet with our Earth, with the same history, present and everything the same or a little different?

The possibilities that made Earth what it is are infinitely complex, and because of the infinity aspect, it’s highly unlikely, even with an infinite universe, that there would be an exact replica of Earth.

In the world of infinity sometimes we really do have non-repeating patterns, like the decimal points in Pi.

To have the situation you describe, you’d have to have every element that created Earth to be what it is to happen again, and every thing on the earth to happen again. A tiny variant, like not having Thea crash into Earth and create the moon, would change everything. If even a microbe evolved differently due to an infinite variation of infinite DNA it might completely change the course of evolution.

So it’s not so simple to say because the universe is infinite there’s going to be another exact replica of Earth.

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