If the earth is rotating at a high speed and we jump up, why doesn’t the earth move below us at high speed?

Let me answer with some simple questions for you.

If you are in a commercial airliner traveling at 500 miles per hour and you stand up in the aisle between seats and jump up in the air, why doesn’t the airplane move 500 mph under you and why don’t you crash toward the back of the plane? Why do you land in the same place you jumped from? Why when the flight attendant pours you coffee does the coffee stream not flow backwards toward the back of the plane?

The answers are because you and the coffee are moving with the airplane at the same speed – the same reason two people in the backseat of a moving car can toss a set of keys to each other without breaking the window at the back of the car.

Back on the ground, we are on Earth, moving with the earth. The air, the trees, the people, the pebbles on the ground, the coffee – all are moving with the planet. When you jump up or pour coffee it does what it does because everything is moving the same speed as the earth, just like in the airplane.

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