Musings Plus Dot Com

I once said to my wife
That she’s full of strife
For that I was punched
and my nose became bunched.

I read this to her
and she said it befer:
“You’ve said that alot
and away you did trot.”

As she bunched up a fist
This line ends with “list”
And I ducked to be missed
But behold I was kissed.

I love my dear wife
And she’s not full of strife.
The best friend of mine
Is really quite fine.

And although I wanted to post this on she said, “NO WAY!”

Author: Wayne Boyd

Wayne Edward Boyd was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1953. He is a published author, former ISKCON sannyasi, and traveler, having lived on 3 continents and visited 37 countries. He presently lives in Amarillo, Texas working as a correctional officer and has interests in photography, political science and astronomy.

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