10 Irrational Thoughts People Think

Written by Marc Chernoff // originally posted here. Irrational thoughts occasionally occur in the minds of all people.  Intelligence does not make someone immune to irrational thought.  These thoughts typically clutter our minds with feelings of resentment and distaste.  Sometimes they are based on internal defense mechanisms we develop to mitigate personal anger in an... Continue Reading →

Space Shuttle and the Horses Ass

Did you know.... The gauge for the U.S. railways is 4 feet eight and a half inches. That's a weird number. It also, as we shall see, has relevance to the now retired U.S. Space Shuttle program and the horses ass. This post was copied from a Facebook page. Why was that railway gauge used... Continue Reading →

How would we protect future human civilization on Mars from cosmic radiation?

A great question, and there’s no easy solution to this critical problem! The sun gives off deadly radiation all the time. On Earth we are shielded from it here because of our magnetic poles and this is what causes the Aurora borealis (northern lights). On Mars this will be a deadly problem whether or not there... Continue Reading →

What if Earth animals were introduced to a terraformed Mars, how would they evolve on the Red Planet?

Terraforming Mars is a long ways off. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that it would ever be possible and since there’s no organized magnetic field on Mars, any life that walked outside would be exposed to lethal radiation from the sun with or without an atmosphere. That being said, life can evolve even with high... Continue Reading →

Why do people get so angry at flat earthers?

Why do people get angry at people that believe the world is flat? I don’t think I get angry, just amused at their ignorance. They remind me of camels. Camels like to eat thorny bushes. While munching on them the thorns cut their tongue and they bleed. They taste this blood and think it’s juice... Continue Reading →

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