They are Watching You

These days, many people don’t care, but it’s happening. They are watching you.

Ever notice how if you do a google search for, as an example, a new Pixel Phone, all of a sudden – on pages you go to – there are advertisements for the Pixel Phone everywhere?

That’s because Google is watching you, your Internet Service Provider is watching you, the NSA is probably keeping you in a database somewhere. They do this mostly to “provide you” with services such as advertisements for a new Pixel Phone, which is what you were searching for, and as far as the NSA is concerned, to track potential terrorists.

We are, in fact, being spied on.

Now most people don’t care about their right to privacy, these days. They are willing to sacrifice that for the convenience of using a cell phone, the Internet, a computer, a smart home device, and so on. We’d rather have these items than not, and if someone is more concerned about privacy then we wonder what are they hiding that they are so afraid to keep it a secret.

In other words, people these days either don’t want privacy or they think that privacy is an admission of guilt.

There are, however, other reasons you might want privacy.

Suppose you want to do banking online, pay bills online, shop online, look at porn online, and son on, and don’t want people to know what you’re doing?

Here’s one that I think about sometimes. I’m a writer. I like to write. I wrote a novel. I’m working on a number of interesting writing projects right now. In one of my projects someone wants to detonate a nuclear bomb they stole. So I search for nuclear weapons, Russia, terrorism, stuff like that to make my story sound plausible. All of a sudden, the NSA notices. Pop! Someone looking this stuff up. Maybe I’ll wind up on a do not fly list. (It’s happened – though I doubt for me.)

Shouldn’t we have a right to privacy? Don’t we have a right to privacy?

During the raging gun-debates of the United States over the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, do we forget the 4th Amendment guarantee a right to privacy?

Are we giving up that right?

Your Internet Service Provider, the people you pay your Internet bill to, know what you search for. Google or Bing know what you search for. The receiving web page knows where you are coming from.

Just some food for thought. 2nd Amendment rights, yeah, go for it. 4th Amendment rights, nah, throw it out the window!

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