Crazy 3D maze

You saw it here first. This is an original. I'm the author. This is a 3D maze. You can go over or under a passageway. The goal is to go from start to finish. Download the image, print it out, and use a pencil to solve it. Have fun!

Meet ‘Steve,’ a Totally New Kind of Aurora

Canadian citizen scientist photographers spotted a fleeting type of aurora not seen before, dubbed “Steve,” and scientists have started working out what’s causing them. Steve seen with the Milky Way over Childs Lake, Manitoba. PHOTOGRAPH BY KRISTA TRINDER By Ramin Skibba PUBLISHED MARCH 14, 2018 While the northern and southern lights have dazzled watchers of the night sky for... Continue Reading →

When will humans land on the sun?

After spending hours and hours on the NASA website researching an answer to your question, I finally have come to a date. Never. It’s not the surface of the sun you have to worry about, but the corona, which I managed to photograph during the eclipse of 2017 in Missouri. Not the best shot but... Continue Reading →

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