If the Earth is a big ball, then why don’t we fall to the bottom of it?

Did you go to school?

What’s pulling us down? Do think people at the equator are standing on a vertical cliff? Do you think people at the “bottom” of the world are upside down and will fall off?

Fall off to where?

Gravity is why the apple falls to the ground. Gravity always “points” to the center of the earth’s core. Therefore, no matter where you stand on the “big ball” as you call it, down is always going to be toward the ground and up is always going to be up toward the sky.

Author: Wayne Boyd

Wayne Edward Boyd was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1953. He is a published author, former ISKCON sannyasi, and traveler, having lived on 3 continents and visited 37 countries. He presently lives in Amarillo, Texas working as a correctional officer and has interests in photography, political science and astronomy.

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