What is the purpose of SteamOS (based on Linux), as there are almost no good games designed for Linux?

If you are seriously interested in gaming, then I who have been using Linux only as my OS for twenty years, recommend you to buy an Xbox or PlayStation.

SteamOS allows many games written for Windows to run on Linux.

The point is that real Linux people don’t run anything exclusively for Windows. Why? Because we don’t believe in it. It’s an ethical issue.

We have a free operating system that we can download and reinstall on as many computers as we want for no money – legally by the way. We have free software that is as good as or in most cases better than Windows programs. Like GIMP – replaces Adobe Photoshop. Kdenlive – replaces video editing programs. BLENDER – which is used by Disney and Pixel to make animated movies. LIBREOFFICE – replaces entirely Windows Office.

It’s not that we migrate to Linux and then try to find a way to run Windows programs over here. It’s that we migrate to Windows and never look back. I have no software made by Microsoft or for iOS and Windows machines on my computer.

And you know what? I’m writing to you. Presently, I’m using Fedora KDE (my version usually changes 2 or 3 times a year).

I have no virus protection software – I pay no money for that ’cause we Linux people don’t need it. I’m saving a bunch of money.

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