Who is intelligent? Who is stupid?

I watched a spider once. He was just outside my window on a small fir tree. He was trying to figure out how to build a web.

The spider went out on a long branch and then spun down a small silk thread straight down to the next branch. Then he went here and there and before you knew it he had a big ol’ spider web just waiting for some morsels of food to fly into it.

So I realized the spider was intelligent. It wasn’t just instinct, exactly. It was environmental. He had to assess the situation and solve a problem, and he did it!


I watched a mathematician. Genius kinda guy. He wrote a complex formula on a blackboard. Some of it was from memory, some of it was to solve a problem he was working on.

'I know! It's what I had last night for dinner.'

I wrote a book once called TimeGods. So I like words. But some people are better at words than others. Some people are linguists. What’s the difference, for example, between further and farther. Seems I prefer further, but somebody corrected me today and said it should be farther. I had to look it up.


Someone came up with the Theory of Relativity but wore different colored socks and drove a vehicle into a bush thinking about math. That person, Albert Einstein, was smart one way, stupid in another. He said “Everybody is a genius”.

So what way are you a genius? Do you know the difference between further and farther? Do you know, for example, how to use, commas, which are overused and used incorrectly (especially in this sentence)? Can you design a spider web or maybe a house? Are you a woodworker or an artist? Can you act and convince people you are a different person on a movie? Can you invest in the stock market or run for political office?

Who is intelligent?

All of us.

And yet, that also means, we’re stupid too. All of us, in different ways.

Let's hear what you have to say. Write a comment.

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