Who would win in a human’s future, artificial super intelligence or incoming alien invasion?

You are not going to like this answer.

Of the two, artificial super intelligence will win because there will never be an incoming alien invasion.

There probably are aliens out there. In fact, it’s 100% sure there are intelligent, space faring aliens.

It’s also true that no one can go the speed of light. It’s also true no one can go even 1% the speed of light. Even if you could it would take thousands of years to reach our nearest star, Alpha Centauri. It would take tens of thousands of years to reach the nearest star system – Trappist 1 – with Earth-like sized planets that probably don’t have any life.

These are not “laws” of physics that can be broken by “aliens” with better technology. This is just the way it is.

Interstellar travel is a myth.

However, AI is already in our smart phones.trapist1

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