How do some people still believe Earth is the only planet with intelligent life?


I once posted a question to my Facebook page. Which do you believe: 1) Earth is 4.5 billion years old like scientists say or 2) 4500 years old like the Bible says? More than half of my Facebook crowd, which includes people from work, my wife’s family, my family, friends from my childhood, and so on, answered 2. I was surprised. Not only did they select 2, but with comments like “2, of course!”

This is a problem. Why some religious people (not all, of course) believe the Earth is 4500 years old is very surprising to me.

People don’t trust science. In fact, right now in the United States we have a leader that doesn’t believe the Earth’s climates are changing and that if they are, that mankind has anything to do with it at all.

Here’s an image of a giant wasteland in the Pacific Ocean. True story. This consists of our trash, plastic bags and so on, that get washed down waterways and find their way to the ocean, then drift to the center of the ocean where they gather to form the Pacific Ocean Garbage heap. And people say humans have nothing to do with climate change.

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