I’m Losing Weight

There's an app. Pretty good one, in fact. It's on Android. Might be available for iOS but don't know for sure. MyNetDiary. This is a wonderful app. Whenever I use it I lose weight. You put in your weight, then your target weight, your height, your activity level, take a "before picture" and it tells... Continue Reading →

Perhaps human race’s home was not Earth in the first place, but in another planet, and we came here to prevent extinction

Mechanical, intentional interstellar travel is unlikely since the distances are far too great to imagine. The best anyone could achieve is interplanetary travel within one’s own solar system. Therefore, if we pass the buck and say life didn’t start here but started somewhere else and arrived here, it would have had to arrive on a... Continue Reading →

President Trump did something Presidential

In one of the first "Presidential" things our President has done since he took office, Trump seems to be on the verge of having a summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and I have to give Trump credit for doing that. We were seriously concerned with losing Hawaii or Los Angeles with... Continue Reading →

God and Science

Nobody really pays much attention to my blog. I mean, really. What do I have? 200 followers or something. Most of them don't really read anything I write. There's one guy who "likes" everything I write, but that's about it. Somebody asked if I was a pilot. I mean, how did I get to 37... Continue Reading →

They locked up Galileo

"The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is the successor to NASA’s Kepler space telescope, which surveyed the Milky Way for planets orbiting other stars. Covering a larger area of sky than Kepler, it will examine 200,000 stars, and scientists expect it to catalog more than 2,000 potential planets." That is in quotation from the New York... Continue Reading →

Religion vs. Science – What it’s All About

It's all about proving each other is wrong. It permeates the entire political sphere. It determines policies of U.S. Presidents, the Environmental Protection Agency and so on. It's about trashing Earth or saving it. So who is wrong, who is right? Philosophy 1: God created Earth - perhaps as recently as 4,000 years ago. With... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Kids Crossing the Border

We're being overrun. Maybe we should make it a free country and show others how it can be. I don't know about you, but where I work we don't have enough people every morning. I'm not worried about my job being taken over.

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