Monkeys are not friends

Here is a story posted today on the UK’s Daily. The story is also carried in multiple news outlets. I’ll have a commentary below.

A newborn baby has been found drowned in a well after allegedly being snatched away by a monkey in eastern India.

The infant was sleeping under a mosquito net at his home in the eastern state of Odisha on Friday when he was taken by a rhesus macaque monkey.

His mother claimed to have witnessed the monkey take the child away, but was not quick enough to get her baby back, local police said.

On Sunday, the 16-day-old baby was found dead in a neighbour’s well in Talabasta village, near Cuttack, Odisha, and authorities believed the monkey may have dropped the boy in the water.

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I lived in India several times in my life and I had one of these macaque monkeys take my eyeglasses right off my head. He and other of his “cronies” ran off with them. All we ever found was one lens – a huge scratch on it. Until I had them replaced, I was without clear vision!

These Macaque Monkeys are a serious problem.

These monkeys are NOT cute. They are a menace!

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