Well Traveled

I’ve been to 37 countries, 49 U.S. States and most of Canada.

A lot of the places I’ve been have been transitory. Some of them have been semi-permanent. I can tell when I live in a semi-permanent place when:

  1. I get my mail there.
  2. I pull up weeds and get my fingernails dirty.
  3. I plant stuff and it grows.
  4. Sometimes, but not always, I get a paycheck from there.
  5. My phone number is the same area code.
  6. I’m with a woman.
  7. I have a motorcycle that I drive around and come back to.
  8. My bills are mailed there.

That’s how I know. BTW, I’m in a semi-permanent place. After this I think I’ll move to an oceanless state called Missouri.

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