In 2018, what are some affordable and easy-to-use electronic gadgets that are appropriate for and useful to elderly people?

I am a senior citizen. I am an older person. I'm not sure what you mean by affordable, but my generation invented cell phones, digital TV, personal computers and laptops, space travel, and Star Trek and Star Wars. I am answering this question to you on Quora by dictating into my Google pixel 2 XL... Continue Reading →

Why would anyone want to live on Mars?

Although, scientifically, we could do as much or more with our rovers, robots and probes than manned space travel, and we can and do it cheaper and safer than manned space travel with our probes and rovers, people will still go to Mars. Why? Well, I suppose it’s the same reason people went to North... Continue Reading →

If you were to purchase a brand new car today (in 2018) and money were no object, what optional or standard features would be important or useful to you?

I'd go with an all electric vehicle that could go over 300 miles with a charge, charge quickly, has Bluetooth to connect to my phone when I'm driving, an airbag that won't kill me if I crash, tinted windows, heated seats and steering wheel, power seats, separate temperature control for driver and passengers, and finally,... Continue Reading →

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