Doctor Abandonment Issues

Have you ever felt abandoned by your doctor?

Doctor James Spurlock was a very well respected and very old doctor who retired. I didn’t know about his retirement until months later when I happened to go to the doctor for a routine checkup.

I overheard the nurses saying, “Oh, this is one of Dr. Spurlock’s patients.” They sent me in to see some other guy (a doctor) at the family medicine center at 1500 Coulter St, Amarillo, TX. He made a pitch. He said, “I heard you were one of Dr. Spurlock’s patients and he’s retired. I happen to be looking for new patients. Perhaps you’d like to be my patient!”

I said, “Well, you seem to be a nice guy. Okay!”

I even had his name placed on my health insurance card.

Now I want to fire him. I ran out of two important medications while 800 miles away in Missouri visiting family. I could not get him to respond to any of my requests through his receptionists or nurse and here I am a week later and still have not had those medications renewed.

I not only want a second opinion, I want a different doctor. Now I’m supposed to, at age 65 – a senior citizen – go back to work the day after tomorrow and I still have not had two important medications renewed.

I’m sorry Salcido Jr Armando MD. You’re fired.

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