The land of the trees versus the prairies

I live in Two Worlds. The land of the trees and the land of the prairies.

Amarillo Texas is where I live. It is the high plains, AKA the prairies. Here naturally are grasslands. Trees do not grow unless you plant them. The only place they will survive is in a city environment.

Missouri, and where I come from the East Coast, trees grow like weeds. If you want to build a house, you have to cut down the trees and uproot The Roots.

Alas in my corner of the world I own a small plot of land and two oak trees. I have to groom them. I cut off the lower branches and try to make them grow tall and in good health. I have to water them.

Where my brother, Jeff Boyd, and I are from, trees grow like weeds. Oak trees are very very tall. And if a big storm comes along they blow down and block the road. That never happens around here.

Around here we have tornadoes. They don’t blow down the trees, they blow down the houses.

I’ve never seen a tornado except on TV and movies. But I assure you they exist and living in a brick-and-mortar house will do no good as a defense against them.

The chance a tornado will hit you around here is very low. So you just play the chances. Kind of like playing the chances in New England, that a giant white oak tree will not blow over and crush your house.

The difference here is that we have to plant the trees. Otherwise only weeds grow. In my front lawn I have two oak trees. When we bought the house they were quite small. However, they have grown. Now they are on either side of my front walkway.

Back to the point, this is the land of the Prairies. Trees do not grow naturally here except in sheltered areas. Trees here are not weeds. If you want a tree you must cultivate it!

Contrast that to states where trees grow like weeds. States like that include Missouri New Jersey New York and so many others. There if you buy a plot of land you don’t have to clear the weeds. Instead you have to clear the trees.

Where would you rather live? The land of the trees or the land of the prairies?

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