A Successful Installation of Arch Linux and KDE Plasma 5

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To accomplish this task I used my computer, a DVD burner, a blank DVD and an Android smart phone (in my case the Google Pixel 2XL). My computer was running Kubuntu Linux, which I intended to replace with Arch. I succeeded and this article is being written inside Arch.

The Download

I downloaded Arch. The website is archlinux.org and you can download it as a torrent (recommended) or a direct iso download from a place like here.

Burning the DVD

I probably demean you by explaining how to burn an ISO file to a DVD. I used K3b, a common linux DVD program.

Know beforehand

Arch Linux is not like many commonly used Linux distributions. There is no graphical install, and when you’re done you will be left with a command line and no graphical interface. You install that after the initial phase.

Know also that you will have to manually partition your hard drive and wipe out everything in the process, so back up your important files.

The end-product I have is running KDE with all the bells and whistles. It boots faster than any other version of Linux I’ve used before, I understand a lot more about my computer and a lot more about Linux, even though I’m a 20 year Linux veteran. I had no idea what I was doing.

The Solution: My Smart Phone

To accomplish my task of wiping my hard disk and installing Arch from scratch was following some YouTube videos very carefully, step by step, on my smart phone as I tore down my computer operating system to nothing and reformatted the hard drive.

The Videos I Watched

I searched  YouTube using my smart phone and found several tutorials on installing Arch. I used this one among others, but this is the one that helped get me where I am.

Be aware, this video gave me an installed Arch Linux computer with no graphics, only a command prompt. To get graphics and a desktop environment (in my case KDE Plasma) I found this video:

That worked perfectly. Now mind you I did this to my physical computer, not a virtualbox computer, so that’s why I used my phone.

Inside KDE on an Arch System

The next problem I found was I had a pretty bare bones, but lightning fast booting, system. I needed to install AUR (the Arch User Repositories) and figure out how to download and install Google-Chrome. However, if you don’t need Chrome, you can always install Chromium or use the bare basics KDE Konqueror.

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