HP Instant Ink not so Instant

It sounds really cool. Buy an HP printer, and they will send you free ink for life.

8:47 AM Godfrey:
Hi there Wayne! How are you doing today?
8:48 AM Wayne Boyd:
Hello Gedfrey, I’m Wayne Boyd.
8:49 AM Godfrey:
Hi there Wayne! How are you today?
8:49 AM Wayne Boyd:
I mean Godfrey — bad typing. I have a very big ink problem.
8:49 AM Wayne Boyd:
I don’t have any.
8:49 AM Godfrey:
This is really a bummer, let me make sure to have this rectified and investigate what happened to get to the root cause and resolve this issue for you, this way, you can have a better day before the chat ends.
8:50 AM Godfrey:
Can you tell me more about the issue with your ink, Wayne?
8:50 AM Wayne Boyd:
8:51 AM Wayne Boyd:
It’s a long story. I received one shipment in February, however, those two cartridges were lost when my wife accidentally threw them away. Don’t know why she did that.
8:52 AM Wayne Boyd:
Since then, I have received no cartridges. I did contact a live agent a few weeks ago. He told me he would send new cartridges but those cartridges never arrived and here I am weeks later with no ink.
8:54 AM Wayne Boyd:
My ink status for those cartridges has said “Processing” for over a week or two. I have important things to print, and right now my printer is useless.
8:55 AM Godfrey:
That’s not good, Wayne. If I am in your place, I would feel the same way. No worries, to make your day better, I will go ahead and process you an Express Shipment wherein you can expect this in the next 3-5 business days (Compare to Normal Shipment of 7-10 business days). Would that be great for you? Plus, I will send 2 sets which means that you will receive 2 cartridges per color. Also, I will give you 1 month free of service, Wayne.
8:56 AM Wayne Boyd:
That’s what the last guy said. Express Shipment in the next 3-5 business days, and THEY NEVER CAME (caps for emphasis).
8:57 AM Godfrey:
Do you happen to have the case number for this?
8:57 AM Wayne Boyd:
That’s lost weeks ago. No, Sorry. I do not. Surely there is a record of it in my file?
8:58 AM Godfrey:
I can bring this up here so that I can further investigate. I don’t want you to feel left alone with this, Wayne. I am also a customer, I don’t want to be promised without getting it.
8:58 AM Godfrey:
Sure, I’ll check the archived files here.
8:59 AM Wayne Boyd:
Thank you.
8:59 AM Godfrey:
Please give me 2 to 3minutes here.
9:00 AM Wayne Boyd:
I’m here.

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