Self-created problem

I have a new problem in my front yard.

My front yard is divided into two parts by a small cement sidewalk that goes from the front door to the main sidewalk at the street side. Looking out the window on the left side there were a lot of weeds. So I went out there last year with weed killer and sprayed all the weeds and grass in that square area and killed off everything down to the dirt.

Then I planted grass seeds. But the area was still brown and ugly. So I went to the local store and bought a bunch of tomato plants, and jalapeno plants. I also planted potatoes. They are all doing very well.

Now mind you this is in my front yard so it looks kind of weird but it’s doing well and the area no longer looks brown!

I have no idea how many 🍅 plants I planted out here but they are all coming ripe around the same time. I find that I’m eating tomatoes every single day! In about 2 or 3 weeks I will have about a hundred ripe tomatoes!

I have a self-created problem. What do I do with all this stuff growing in my front yard? Suggestions?

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