If there are aliens somewhere out there, are they likely to be technologically ahead of us or behind us?

The closest aliens somewhere out there are likely to be way technologically behind us, not ahead of us, because they are likely to be bacteria.

You see, when you say “aliens” you probably mean “intelligent aliens” but then that could include critters similar to whales, dogs or pigs, for if we found creatures of any of these kind they would all be aliens.

What we’re looking for immediately is any sign whatsoever that life exists anywhere out there other than here on Earth, but even here there are millions of different kinds of lifeforms, as we might expect on an ecologically diverse planet.

If you mean “humanoid” aliens, why should any alien species become “humanoid?” At one point dinosaurs were the number one creature on Earth and if it wasn’t for a chance cataclysmic asteroid strike, would still be here and humans not even here.

If you mean with space-faring, technologically advanced lifeforms, then they may or may not be more technologically advanced than we are.

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