Young Sean Wellington

Here is a short story in progress that I am writing as I post. If I have sufficient interest, I will continue to post additional material.

Chapter 1, Part 1

As young Sean Wellington sat on the end of the pier, legs dangling over the edge, a long tentacle emerged from the sea and wrapped around his ankle. His startled shriek pierced the crisp morning air, but his attempt to jump up was thwarted. The tentacled arm had wrapped his whole left foot tightly and tugged downward, toward the dark water. His fishing pole tumbled over the edge and was gone. Sean struggled with his hands on the flat wooden pier to keep from being dragged into the water. He could not swim. He slid helplessly forward toward the edge.

Sean screamed loudly as panic and misunderstanding surged through his being.

​Then it was over.

Sean remained dry, his buttocks on the final edge of the pier. The tugging had stopped and the tenticled arm of the large octupus retreated invisibly into the deep. He scrambled backward to safety and stood up, breathing heavily and heart pounding forcefully.

He backed away from the end of the pier, turned, and ran toward the beach house.

To be continued…

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