Cell Phones bad for your health?

Let me attempt to persuade you. Cell phones, no matter how close to your body, are not bad or injurious to your health.

This has been a common false claim: Cell phones can damage your brain or cell phones carried too close to your body can be injurious to your health. Cell phones do not cause cancer and they do not cause brain tumors.

I know. I know. You’ve heard otherwise. If you hear it many times, it must be true. Right? Wrong.

First of all, your cell phone is very weak. The electromagnetic radio waves a cell phone emits are very weak. Second of all, you are being subjected to radio waves all the time from all over the place. Third of all, there is no proof that electromagnetic waves are dangerous. 

No scientific study to date has ever proven if or even why electromagnetic radio transmissions would have any effect whatsoever on your health. You are getting more electromagnetic transmissions from the sun, satellites, radio and TV stations and so on then you are getting from your weak cell phone.

Radio waves are not nuclear radiation. Nuclear radiation means electrons are emitted by a radioactive material that enter your body and destroy DNA molecules and cells, causing massive radiation sickness. Radio waves do not do that.

So get it out of your head. No matter what you’ve been told, keeping your cell phone close to your body is not dangerous.

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